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Course Design

Kannada Online has four sections designed with graphics, audio support and visuals.

This section teaches all the letters of Kannada step by step. It includes lessons on how to write, how to pronounce, how to frame words, and how to combine the words with precision. The exercises of the lessons are interactive and self instructive.

This section has graded structured lessons in the form of conversations, development of listening and speaking skills in Kannada and appropriate instructions on grammatical usage. These language learning components will be achieved through systematic introduction of various Kannada structures and interactive exercises

These lessons provide a broad introduction to the cultural space of Kannada and Karnataka. It is an opening part of the programme which gives an overall idea about Karnataka, its culture, history, literature, art and life.

This last section of Kannada Online has many articles on various topics such as Kannada life, culture, history, literature and many more.
Learning Kannada Online

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